Project Vanish – UNITY3D C#

Project Vanish is a group school project that is currently being worked on. This is a stealth super hero game centered around comedy, choice, and obviously stealth. I have made the player’s x ray ability, the player’s projectile ability, the keypad, and I have been working hard with two other students on the AI. The AI is made using a finite state machine. They patrol around and look for the player. If they see the player, they will chase after them. Moving forward I am working on some smarter behavior for the enemy by adding communication between them. Making it a bit harder for the player to just run away from an individual enemy.

Space Escape! – UNITY3D C#

Published to Apple App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/space-escape/id1406491254?mt=8

This is an infinite runner (flyer?) made for the mobile platform. In the game you play as an astronaut floating in space trying to avoid getting hit by asteroids, space debris, and shooting alien ships. The game gets progressively faster and harder as you play.

The main focus on this game was using Unity’s physics engine and optimization. All the movement in the game happens with Unity’s Rigidbody component as well as physics joints. The Unity profiler was used to improve code performance, sprite sizes (using sprite atlas) , and music quality.


This is my recreation of the classic arcade game Pac Man. I made all the code for this game myself and grabbed audio assets online. Pac Man can move through out the map collecting pellets as in the original. In this version, I gave Pac Man a dash mechanic where he gets a quick burst of speed. Mostly to avoid the ghosts.

I remade the ghosts as close as i could to the originals in their most basic form. Blinky (red) chases Pac Man constantly. Pinky (pink) always tries to get in front of Pac Man. Inky (blue) simply roams randomly. Clyde (orange) chases Pac Man but if he gets to close he runs away to a corner to hide.

AI Dodgeball Simulation – UNITY3D C#

This is a game of dodgeball played by an AI. The AI is controlled using a finite state machine that I made. They have a state for attacking, a state for getting a ball, and a state for running away. By choosing when to switch between states, it simulates proper basic dodgeball behavior.